Mobile Apps – Smart Research

Hybrid mobile app developed to optimize RediME’s workflow process on their market research activities by providing the pollster with a route list every day and submit their work online or store their content offline, allowing them to sync everything when they have internet connection again. The app allows users to take photos, upload them and fill up poll forms.
  • Offline mode: Allows the pollster to store their content on the device and synchronize it when they have access to a WiFi network or their mobile data plan.
  • Smart poll: Decision tree questions and answers where handled in this project.
  • Stock control: Merchandising stock is controlled through the app.
  • Security: Electronic key assigned by the server to the device when the user registers.
  • Versatility: Allows the pollster to save photos efficiently considering size and quality .
  • Guide: The pollster has training resources and tips to help him with his work.
Technical details:
  • Android devices >= 4.2 y iOS >= 7
  • GPS coordinates taken from photo metadata
  • Allows to register and store information using MICRO SD cards

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